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(A) Pickup & Drop + Vehicle

  1. Driver and vehicle details will be forwarded on your contact mobile numbers which is given at the time of booking, it will be forwarded to guest 12 hrs prior of your first arrival points by our software systems. Guest is requested not to take follow up for the vehicle details and driver details.
  2. It is possible that, the details which are forward to you can be replaced or changed at last movement due to any technical reason or any of the reason also.
  3. Passengers arriving at New Delhi by Rajdhani Exp or any train- Pick up will be done at Ajmeri Gate exit
  4. Passengers arriving at Hazrat Nizzamudin Station exit is at platform no. 1 pickup parking at Comsum Restaurant
  5. Vehicle which we are providing will be approx 2 years old, but the condition will be good.
  6. On arrival please discuss with driver about your city of travel and hotel stay as well so he can drive accordingly.
  7. Please inform & Discuss with your driver about your next day programs as per your expectation & Itinerary.
  8. Vehicles will be parked at parking area at all station / airport / hotel / sightseeing area parking only. All guests have to walk down to the respective parking point by themselves.
  9. Average Speed limit of vehicles on highways will be 60 to 80 km /ph in the hills the average speed will be 20 to 35 km /ph. Heavy vehicle will have less speed limit, do not force the drivers to increase the speed limit
  10. Distance & time of travelling mention in your given itinerary is approximate, it can be differing as per vehicle to vehicle, time to time, destination to destination, season to season, time to time, driver to sdrive etc as per situations – it is mention from our past experience and on ideal judgment as well.
  11. Vehicles bigger than Innova not permitted entry in Nainital between 8 AM to 9 PM
  12. No vehicle entry to Mall Road between 5 to 9 PM. Parking is about half kilometer before either way from where the guest has to walk on foot.
  13. Local sightseeing by local vehicle if you are travelling by a heavy vehicle which is not permitted in the city limits.
  14. Vehicle timing from 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM. (Except in emergency and pick up n drop)
  15. A/c will not work / run / allowed / permitted on hilly regions / hilly areas like – Nainital, Ranikhet , Kausani, Binser, Mussoorie– Requesting not to argument on this issue during the itinerary with driver or our operation department. It will be work on Plain road surface only. It is strictly not allowed / permitted from Delhi to Corbett, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun / or return back.
  16. At Haridwar parking of vehicles for tourist visiting Har ki Pauri is approximate one and half kilometers before from where you have to arrange for yourself. Normally pedal rickshaw are available for this.
  17. At many of the tourist destination / hill station – some of the road / shopping market / mall road have “NO ENTRY” for all / some tourist / private vehicle depends on destination along with time restrictions also. In this kind of situation guest have to manage another available mode of transport with an additional cost and on direct payment basis, this cost is not included in ideal package inclusion.
  18. Vehicle will be permitted to use for sightseeing points only mention In itinerary, any substitute sightseeing will not been allowed / provided or no refund reimbursement will be possible for such kind of missing sightseeing point not visited sightseeing point also.
  19. All sightseeing points on the route will be covered at the same time .your vehicle will not come again on the same route for a sightseeing which has been left.
  20. In case of vehicle breakdown, please stay cool; we will make alternate arrangements at the earliest. Please cooperate with the driver if there is a breakdown , you can understand how much time it takes to there is a problem like puncture, ignition problem, any other minor faults, it is understood that it is a vehicle and problem can arise. Do not use your logic be practical. – Think once what you will be hyper on same way if it’s your own vehicle breakdown on road, and you will get solutions in seconds of time from whom????
  21. Changing of vehicle will be done in major breakdown or any big non repairable technical reason or situations only – No vehicle will be changed due to any silly reason given by guest like – tyre is not good, carrier is not big, seat is not comfortable, vehicle is not new, driver is not adjustable to you, ac is not working properly,
  22. The vehicle which having solution of problem or repairable as well will not been change at any cost, even if guest wants to change then Guest will have to pay extra on the same – So thinks once again before putting silly demand against us.
  23. Any cost burden increased due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in forcefully extra night arrangement in resort / meals / extra kms running due change of route in travel due to transport strike in state, will be charged actual and as per the conditions and terms, that should been agreed by guest at that points and conditions, no argument will be allowed regarding this matter, we will be helpless against this situations.
  24. We will try to get best solutions on earliest basis but case to case, also will take instant decision of changing vehicle looking to situations once again if short term solutions also not available with us then we look surly.
  25. No extra sightseeing places will be covered which is not mentioned in the itinerary
  26. A/c of the vehicle will not work / allowed / permitted - if it is in non moving / running Position
  27. Passenger will not get the extra Cooling of A/c any of the tourist vehicle compare to any of private vehicle they are having, some of the time guest having high end vehicle so it’s not necessary that you will get the same cooling in tourist vehicle as well.
  28. Bigger Tourist vehicle whose capacity is more then 6/7 person like Tempo / Coaches / Winger will have common issue of Cooling of A/c in the vehicle – reason of Suffocation or more person in a vehicle, this kind of the vehicle’s A/c will not perform compare to mid segment tourist vehicle.
  29. Any hike in fuel cost after the date of booking - will effect on transportation cost at the time of availed services.
  30. River rafting is possible at an extra cost when you are going to Mussoorie or coming back from Mussoorie, Our vehicle will not take you to rafting as a special or exclusive trip for it.
  31. Any of the sightseeing point in Uttrakhand will be covered once during the stay / itinerary only, second visit is not permitted / allowed by any of transporter.
  32. Any of the vehicle hired by us for Guest trip, having limit of usage in terms of KMS and DAYS as per the final itinerary, Also we quote you according to the suggestive program, So any additional KMS or Days avail or requires then it will be charged extra as on actual price given by our transporter. You can’t take decision on additional charges or KMS as well.
  33. Kms will be calculated from our transporter’s Garage to Garage, Any of the guest cant consider this start KMS and END kms from their arrival point to departure point at any conditions, trip should be in complete circle and as per the start point will be the end point going to consider by the law, KMS will be consider final as per. Driver will use this vehicle during his meal timings surly and this KMS will not been deducted from total.
  34. If any guest don’t want to allow Driver to use that vehicle, In this case or conditions - guest have to bear the expenses of Driver meals and stay where they stays.
  35. Television / LCD / DVD player & CD Player – this all amenities are complimentary basis services in the vehicle which is provided by local transporter, this all are not the ideal and compulsory component of vehicle, Only few of the vehicle having this kind of facility – rest all vehicle having basis entertainment facility in vehicle this is also not compulsory basis.
  36. Music entertainment in Tourist vehicle is not permitted /allowed in many of the STATE by individual state Gov. Rules and authorities, all guests have to follow the rules and not to force Driver to break the rules.
  37. Guest are requested to not to take any responsibility or guarantee of vehicle usage in No entry area, Parking area, crossing speed limit, breaking Gov. rules – it’s risky for your travel in terms of stacking in unwanted issue

(B) Hotels, Resort & Their Rooms & Amenities:-

  1. As per the directive given by the Government of India, Department of Tourism, all Indian/Foreign Nationals are required to produce proper proof of identification upon check-in. valid identifications documents like: Passport, Voters Id card, Current Drivers License, Pan Card Copy. All the documents should include a photograph.
  2. Ideal check in time will be 02:00 PM; Check Out timings will be 11:00 AM only.
  3. Early check in & late checkout will be permitted as per subject to availability of respective resorts at an extra cost depending on the hotel. Please understand that you are arriving at the hotel at your time which is not binding to the hotel so please do not ask for early check in or late check out because it will create a problem for other guest also
  4. In Delhi we are providing budget property as it is only used as a transit point, the hotel we provide are mainly in the market area of Karol Bagh as it is near to the railway station.
  5. Non A/c rooms WITHOUT FAN AT MANY Hotels Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani, Binser, Mussoorie– will be provided at all hotels hill stations of Uttrakhand like, as it doesn’t requires as per the weather conditions throughout the year, if some hotel’s have a/c in the room then it will be chargeable basis as per the hotels policy and on direct payment basis only – hotel don’t allowed it without any cost to use the a/c in room if it is there in any of the hotels.
  6. Some of the hotel may be on the outskirts area of the city/ town/ where there is ample parking space, good accessibility, silence, view. Main reason to avoid parking issue, hassle & bustle of traffic issue.
  7. Many hotels/resorts do not allow there guest to move out of their property after 7 pm.
  8. All booking will be done on base category (standard category of room) unless – otherwise specified at the time of quotation / booking, All quotation was done on base category only at the time of quotation / confirmation also. So hotel will allocate the standard category of rooms only at the time check in – Room up gradation will be charged extra and depends on subject to availability at the time of booking and on direct payment basis.
  9. Guest are requested to not to prejudge & decide the hotel category or room category also, as categorization of hotel / rooms may very depends on hotels to hotels & destination to destination. We always give hotel’s name and room type at the time of quotation as well as handover the document to you, and we prefer most of the hotel which we have good feed back or good response and less complain also.
  10. Complimentary room category up gradation depends on availability of rooms and as per hotels terms & conditions only.
  11. If guest want to upgrade the resort or room, the difference of amount will be borne by guest as per actual and also on direct payment basis only.
  12. If booking is more than 1 room in same or all resort in different destination, possibly that rooms should been on different in the sense of floor, location, room size, amenities, facilities etc. (Depends on hotels structure) even in same category of rooms booking also.
  13. All guests are requested, not to rating or categories hotels/ resort in sense of "Star” in hill station area or a tourist area, it is categories in Standard, Deluxe, Luxury & Premium segment, but the facility of the resort is similar to that rating only.
  14. We always try to give you good value for money , normally the hotels printed rates are without taxes and any kind of meals – where as we gives you inclusive of hotel taxes and meals as well in major of the destination.
  15. If you are very much conscious about the type of hotel or room the amenities and the food, we request you to book a higher category of luxury hotels/ resort property to avoid any complication at the time of stay.
  16. It is better to stretch the budget at the time of booking to avoid a feeling in your mind that you are cheated / this is not your kind of taste/ your house & bedrooms are better than this kind of hotel / This is lodge / This is very low category of hotel / I lost my money in this hotel / Agent make me fool or cheated me / My vacation got spoiled due to low category of hotel – just keep in mind that nothing is free or cheap in this world, you have to pay the sufficient / enough amount to match the luxury of your expectations.
  17. Always expect the luxury for which you paid for – Expect only 90% of luxury of your 100% spending, Requesting not to expect 200% luxury after paying only 90% of actual amount.
  18. Guest have to keep in mind that – he has given us the limitation of budget for his package to be get finalized, so we have to provide accommodation in that given amount only, Being agent we cannot give more then you pay for luxury.
  19. If any guest is not satisfied with given / selected/ provided hotels or rooms – they can check out from hotel, but with one request – no refund will be done in any case or situation at all, as you have to keep in mind that we always give hotels name well in advance at the time of booking, and we paying to hotels well in advance to secure the reservation in hotels, hotels cant given refund by keeping their rooms vacant on your booking assurance they didn’t taken booking from others guest or agent.
  20. Also hotels having cancellation policy that before 15 days in season time if you cancel booking due to any of the reason they don’t given any refund in any of the conditions.
  21. We will try our best to get solution by using our all power of relation with hotels but sole depends on hotels occupancy situation and considering the genuinely of problem or issue as well.
  22. Major of the hotels will take extra charges for Room Heater – which charges to be paid at the hotel directly as per their terms and conditions and depends on guest requirements.
  23. Hotels management have right to change the reservation; shift to guest at any time due to any unavoidable circumstances or situations.
  24. In this situation similar category of resort in terms of category and rates will be organized by respective resort management or us, that should been agreed by guest without any argument on that.
  25. All guest are requested to recheck the provided vouchers by our company before start the tours, if any mistake found in that related to date, meal plan, room type clarification, kindly amend the same as earliest and on the spot take in to our attention also to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or mass up.

(C) Safari Booking:-

  1. Guest has to inform us if they want to go for Corbett Jungle safari at the time of booking. If they will inform us late we will not be bound to provide them safari.
  2. Booking of Corbett Safari is done one month in advance, it is strictly done through government channel where we cannot do anything. The place of safari is decided by them and it is binding upon guest to go for safari at the same place.
  3. Safari timing slot is for morning and evening we don’t have any option which safari time you will get whatever time you get you have to accept it.
  4. Charges are extra for the same, payable in advance.
  5. Safari is closed from 1st June to 31st Oct.

(D) Meals & Food:-

  1. Ideal Meals will be served at set menu basis in a buffet menu / fixed / meal credit. Any items which are not in their in ideal Buffet / Fixed menu will be charged extra at the time of consumption, Hotels decide the menu and options of items for menu. Some hotels having Meal credit policy instead of Buffet or Fixed Menu during off season and low occupancy in hotel – This meal credit amount is decided by hotel management – if bills goes above the given meal credit amount then Extra amount to be paid directly at respective hotel.
  2. Ideal breakfast timing are 08:00 hrs to 09:30 hrs , Dinner time is 20:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs this time may be differ hotel to hotel basis please check with them all meals are served in the hotel restaurant ; we request to have your meal at the restaurant .No room service for meals will be provided in your room ;if you order you have to pay extra for that .No pack meal will be provided in lieu of the meal which you are supposed to have in the restaurant / or part of the package. Do not argue with the hotel staff for the same.
  3. Complimentary child are allowed to avail the meals which is included in buffet or decided by resort / hotel management, any extra meals of beverage which is not applied in buffet items or included in ideal menu will be charged extra on direct payment, kindly check the respective rate chart for those items before placing the order to respective hotel / restaurant for complimentary children. No dispute will be short out after generating the bills for the same and no discount will be entertained at any of the cost.
  4. No alternate meal arrangement will made if by any chance you are late and have to skip the meal nor any refund for the same will be possible, from our side as well as from the hotel.
  5. Some of the hotels serve Non – Veg Meals in their hotel and some of the hotels serve pure Veg Meals only, so please book the hotels according to your choice well in advance, No Pure Veg hotels provide you the non veg items in meals in any case.
  6. The hotels which serve non – veg items in their menu – it will be limited in terms of item but unlimited in quantity. Hotels management decides the non veg items for serving in their ideal buffet or fixed menu.
  7. Please clarify your meal preference at the time of booking, we will surly take care of the same and put request at resort as well, Specially Jain Meal request to be mention and informed at the time of booking.
  8. Jain items will be limited in terms of numbers and variety in any of the category of hotel, it is not possible that Jain guest will get the all items in Jain Format menu as all guest getting in general menu system.
  9. Guest having Jain Meal Preference will get the limited items at all the resort as per availability at hotel.
  10. Guest having Jain meals preference on particular tithi or chovihar - will get the possible and available items from respective restaurant depends on hotel and destination. – No refund in unveiled meals at hotel.
  11. Each hotels having their policy of keeping number of items in their buffet / fixed menu as per their category and their rates as well, it will be very depends on hotels to hotels and destination to destinations.
  12. If there is any complain or grievances please speak to the concerned person at our office in a dignified manner. All complaints will be looked after in the shortest time possible.
  13. Any of this kind of situation of complains or issue – we requesting all guest not to give any emotional or legal pressure related to hotel booking, Extra bed / Mattress for Child / Adult will be provided to the policy and availability at the time of check in hotel.
  14. No en route meals will be served from hotel due to what so ever reason.
  15. Distance mention in itinerary are approx and our past experience - it may be differ time to time / case to case / vehicle to vehicle / season to season.

(E) General Instruction & Information:-

  1. Guest are requested to satisfy yourself as to the type of hotel / resort / property and it’s amenities and facilities which we are offering and only then finalize their tour this will save you as well as us, any trouble when you are on tour.
  2. All personal expenses like: pony ride, horse ride, boating, rafting, laundry, telephone, shopping, tips and other miscellaneous expenses of personal nature.
  3. Any kind of entrance fees of any monuments, sightseeing points, Camera fees is extra wherever applicable
  4. Kindly recheck your air - rail ticket reservation once again and also submit the copy of that with us at the time of booking to avoid any kind of misunderstanding from both ends.
  5. Read and understand all given document properly like – itinerary, voucher, fact sheet, ticket copy to avoid any kind of dispute during the itinerary.
  6. If any damage to the resort / hotel’s amenities or facility by guest during stay, it has to be finalized and settled with hotel’s concerned person on the spot at same time with your own mutual understanding.

(F) Request:-

  1. It is understood that you have gone through all the points and satisfied yourselves before finalizing the tour .We will strictly not entertain any complains for the above.
  2. The above points are the result of our experience over the last many years and the difficulties the guest and we have faced because of the non clarification of the above points.
  3. If there is any complain or grievances please speak to the concerned person at our office in a dignified manner. All complaints will be looked after if it has been requested in a proper manner and with proper language only.
  4. In any of case if complain arise due to any of the part in Itinerary – We need some time to sort out the same, it will depends on size of issue and time of complain as well.
  5. Be practical at all complain – we are service provider and mediator agency who books services on behalf of guest as per guest requirement, we are not the owner of hotels, transporter, management authority of airlines, railway board or any State Government, who can take the decision to change the rules of respective management as per guest expectation time to time – All management having their own rules and regulation policy.
  6. We will try our best level to give solutions of each complain looking to future relation but keep patient, be practical, be matured, be educated and be a gentleman, keep your mind open to understand the difficulties which we have to face to get solutions seating in Office or home at home town.
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